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Gray Card Deals and Discounts you can use Anywhere, Anytime!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Here at Gray Card, we’re all about win/win scenarios. Just like we love offering our members all kinds of different ways to taste, explore, dream and play while saving money, we love seeing things just work out in ways that benefit everyone. This is why we’re so excited to let our members know about four of Gray Card’s Newest partners: Mom Bomb, Dune Jewelry, Bobo Design and Seawicks Candles.

Although most of Gray Card's perks and deals are created for you to enjoy during your travels, these are some that you can benefit from anytime and from anywhere.

Mom Bomb - It's Heart Work!

Mom Bomb is the brainchild of founder Heather Roberts. Years ago, Heather was diagnosed with a debilitating disease and that’s when she made a promise to herself that if she made it to the other side, she would dedicate her life to helping other mothers in crisis. She made it through to the other side alright, and she’s kept her promise in a big way.

As Heather was recovering, she started making all-natural bath products as a way to soothe her own pain and keep herself busy. She was giving her products away to friends and then people began asking to buy them. At this point, Heather was feeling better and she was more interested in keeping her commitment to altruism than she was in making money.

Mom Bomb is the result of Heather’s passion for giving back. We at Gray Card couldn’t be more thrilled to be a small part of her journey and we know a lot of our members will feel the same way.

Fast forward to today. Mom Bomb gives 100% of their profits to helping mothers in crisis. Her reasoning? It’s simple. Heather says, “Moms give 100% and so do we."

Gray Card Members get 20% off all Mom Bomb products! Click HERE for your discount.

Dune Jewelry – Made with Love and Sandy Hands!

As much as we all love traveling and the new experiences that come with it, the sad truth is that all vacations eventually come to an end. This is why we're especially excited to introduce you to one our newest partners, Dune Jewelry.

Designed specifically for those of us with wanderlust in our hearts, each piece in the Dune collection is handmade and deeply personal to the person who wears it. Have a favorite beach? They’ll create a necklace with sand collected there. They’ll do the same thing with soil from your favorite garden, grass from his favorite golf course, or dried flowers from that special wedding day. The options are endless. Whatever memories you’d like to capture, Dune Jewelry will create a piece that becomes a tangible reminder that will last a lifetime.

Every piece of Dune Jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty, or as they call it, a “Lifetime Happiness Guarantee."

We’re especially exuberant about partnering with Dune Jewelry, as a portion of every order is proudly donated to important coastal & global causes. Over the years, Dune Jewelry has donated over $200,000 to charitable organizations across the globe. Dune's ocean-inspired, unique, custom and personalized collections are the perfect way to hold on to special moments forever - allowing you to live for the moment, then take it with you. Gray Card Members get 15% off all pieces on the Dune Jewelry website. Click HERE for your discount.

BoBo Design Studio – Seek Inspiration.

When Angie Chua was in her early 30s, she realized that travel was an integral part of how she chose to enrich her life. That was when she made a conscious decision to spend less of her disposable income on stuff, and more on experiences. Sound familiar?

In her life and on her website, Angie promotes investing in new experiences over “buying stuff.” To that end, she creates thoughtfully designed goods that excite, promote nostalgia and connect you to the feelings and freedom of being outdoors and trying new activities.

We at Gray Card love that philosophy and figured a lot of our members would relate as well. For that reason, we’ve partnered with Bobo Designs to give Gray Card Members discounts to their collection of travel accessories and enhancements.

Check out the Bobo design website for everything from travel bags and apparel to travel journals and sticker books. We must admit, our favorite item is her Wanderlust Passport, which is strategically structured to allow you to record your travel experiences while giving you the creative freedom to record your most prized memories. What a cool and fun way to devise your own living heirloom!

Gray Card Members get 10% off anything in the Bobo Design Studio store. Click HERE for your discount.

Seawicks Candles – Inspired by Towering Pines & Salty Seas.

This site also comes with a personal story. Several years ago, husband and wife team Michael and Cara moved into a cottage in the small town of Edgecomb, Maine. They immediately fell in love with the sound of the lobster boats and the smell of the sea. They found their experience there so relaxing, they set out to find a way to share a small piece of it with the world.

And with that, Seawicks Candles was born. All of their candles are poured in small batches using 100% Soy Wax from American grown soybeans. The unique and unmistakably beachy fragrances of these candles are delicately blended to ensure freshness and evoke memories of the sea, or lilacs hugging summer cottages, or 5 o’clock happy hours shared with family and friends.

To be honest, these candles had us at the word “beach”. Check out their traveler’s collection of scents including the Cape Cod, Maryland, Jersey Shore and California Travelers Candles. You can even order products based on your favorite season.

Sometimes you just need to get away… that’s what Seawicks is here for. Gray Card Members get a 15% discount on all online orders from Seawicks Candles.

Click HERE for your discount.

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